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Sylviane and Josh were married on a beautiful fall day in Albuquerque, New Mexico after rescheduling their big Baltimore plans for an intimate wedding with immediate family and close friends.  The day was filled with sunshine and laughter.  After sharing a tender first look, the wedding party hopped into a limo and headed to the sweet, simple Catholic ceremony.  The party continued to El Pinto for a traditional New Mexican meal and loving conversation.  

Sylviane and Josh are Baltimore natives who ventured to the southwest for Josh’s residency program at the University of New Mexico Hospital.  While celebrating their wedding, this beautiful couple introduced their family from the east cost to many fun New Mexico traditions.  I realized that this was not just a union of two generous souls but it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship between the east coast and the southwest!

I loved Sylviane’s classic bridal look.  Her beautiful off the shoulder lace gown and delicate tiara made for a stunning fall look.  Beyond Sylvianes gorgeous style she carried herself in a laid back “go with the flow” attitude that made the wedding day such a treat to be a part of.  I am always so impressed with the way my sweet couples plan every detail of their day but are also able to sit back and simply be a part of each moment when their wedding day arrives.  Sylvian was no exception to this, she was a picture perfect bride.  Its always inspiring to meet a bride as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Thank you for reminding me of what is true beauty is.

El Pinto in the fall is a fantastic place for a wedding reception, eye-catching red chili ristras are hung in every corner and the smell of sopapillas fills the air.  Sylviane and Josh shared an affectionate first dance and family and friends shared words of love and encouragement for the newlyweds.  There were many jokes about the event being an impromptu medical conference as most of the friends in attendance were Josh’s colleagues from UNMH.  I was so touched to see the way that the group came together to share stories of friendship and love.  Seeing all these medical professionals I thought how amazing our bodies are,  We have separate systems that come together to allow us to do all the complicated and intricate actions we take and thoughts we think.  The whole is truly greater than the parts.  As I saw Josh and Sylviane dancing and for that moment seemingly become one, I realized that like our bodies, their marriage and all the love, friendship, encouragement and hope that would flow from it would make it truly greater than the sum of its parts.  It was wonderful to behold and to play a small part as the wedding photographer.

It was such an honor to be a part of Sylviane and Josh’s beautiful New Mexico wedding this fall.  The people, the laughter, the colors, and the light all came together to make a magical wedding day.  

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