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Welcome to Rachel Fuller Photography's Blog. This space is full of wedding planning information for Las Vegas and Oahu couples. Its also full of fun and a bit more about me!
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Happy Birthday to my beautiful two-year-old. You are a firecracker, and you bring an adventurous spirit to each day we enjoy together. I love watching you experience this world. Your genuine curiosity teaches me to be more thoughtful and appreciative of the the little things. Helicopters, Rolly Pollies, and lizards make your face light up. You could spend hours organizing and rearranging things. You are compassionate and love to take care of your little sister and dog. You are so strong and confident in who you are, and I just love to watch you learn. I hope you always stay so enthusiastic, I hope you always love to explore and never let little setbacks get you down, I hope you always are kind and compassionate to the people around you, and I hope you stay little forever, sweet girl. I love being your Moma!

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