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Laughter and dancing filled the reception hall as the minutes on the clock all too quickly ticked away.  As it came time for me to conclude my part as the wedding photographer for Jess and Buddie’s wedding day, I looked around to realize that nearly every person in the room was up dancing and singing.  I saw swing dancing, slow dancing, and a new one for me, the groom had a brief balliwood number.  I even saw the mother of the bride teaching the bridesmaids how to floss (the move not the dental hygiene).  These fun-filled moments of dancing were the perfect way to end a wedding so permeated with the love and closeness of family and friends. 

Jess and Buddie were so much fun to photograph.  Their easy-going nature and comfort in each other’s presence made photos effortless and romantic.  They clearly enjoyed each moment together and it was tender to catch them stealing kisses in-between poses. 

Jess and Buddie chose to be married at the Leaping Deer Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Buddie was hoping to have a cold stormy wedding day, and so of course they were given one of the warmest, most beautiful winter days New Mexico could offer.  The Newlyweds wanted their wedding day to have a nordic feel to it, as they both love the cold and the beautiful culture of northern Europe.  Buddy was a stunning and handsome groom  rocking braided hair and a dark suit.  The bridal party had a fun and comfortable look, with groomsmen in sweaters and the bridesmaids all sporting matching hiking boots.  It was perfect for the southwest and especially northern New Mexico and double especially for the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of this wedding day.  Let’s be honest a wedding can be a stressful and anxiety inducing once in a life time event.  Jess and Buddie’s easy friendship set a tone of love, fun and happiness that was equal parts uplifting and tender.     

The sweet outdoorsy couple had friends and family work together to make the day simply perfect.  Jess’s best friend designed all of the floras.  A beautiful icy blue color made large bouquets full of soft greens pop.  Jess’s sister did all of the hair and makeup for the day.  The bridesmaids all had soft curls and unique gowns to express their open and generous personalities.  

Jess and Buddie, thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer.  Working with you was such a joy.  I hope you continue to fill your days with laughter and love and I know you will be the source of inspiration and encouragement throughout your married life.  

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