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As a mom of two and a portrait and wedding photographer, I am all too familiar with the stress of preparing your family for Family Photos Las Vegas style! From timing to location and outfits to prepping your kids for photos there is so much to consider as you plan and prepare for your family photos. Let’s go through my 5 biggest suggestions to set your family up for success in family photos Las Vegas style.

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Timing Your Session

Family Photos in Las Vegas can be tricky to time.

Summer months are hot and winter months are cold. Catching Vegas in the sweet spring and fall months sets you up for success. The end of march- early may are the best spring months and the end of September-early November are beautiful fall months. The weekends during this time of year fill up fast so be sure to book your session early. If you are flexible and open to weekdays that can be even better, there is more availability and typically the prime photo locations are not as crowded.

Plan to have your session in the morning right after sunrise or in the evening an hour or two before sunset. If your kids go to bed early it might be worth considering a sunrise session! Accommodating your kid’s sleep schedule as best as possible can make all the difference in their attitudes during your session.Family Photo Las Vegas Location

Family Photo Las Vegas Location

In Vegas, you can get anything from unique edgy vibes, urban buildings, and street art to green trees and stunning deserts. When considering your location I think considering your outfits, the decor of your home (if you are planning to hang the photos), the season, and what your family enjoys doing together will all play a part in helping you choose your best location. Choose a spot that will create an aesthetic that matches your family and home. Choose a spot that will not be too crowded if your kids are shy. For all of my families I include a guide with lots of information on locations, you are sure to find the perfect spot. 

Coordinating Outfits

I think choosing outfits is the single most difficult task when putting together family photos, that is why I include a styling consultation with each of my family photo sessions.

 Creating a cohesive look on camera can be done when the color palette and wardrobe pieces coordinate but don’t actually match. I typically recommend avoiding thinking about matching and more thinking of things in terms of fitting together. This allows for personalities to shine through and your image to be visually interesting. 

The goal for coordinating the members of your family is to break up the colors and shades so that everyone isn’t wearing the same color on top and bottom. One great trick is to consider a “dominant” color and an “accent” color for each outfit. The dominant color is the color that you see the most in an outfit, the accent color makes up a smaller amount of the outfit. For an even easier time, I know that Nordstroms will help you style your session. 

Prepping Little Ones

Be sure everyone is well rested and fed, family photos in Las Vegas often fall right around dinner time. It is best to feed everyone before heading out to your session. 

As any mom knows, you can’t go anywhere without snacks and water. Come prepared with something your kids will enjoy but won’t make a mess of their clothes. As much as it pains me to say it steer clear of chocolate treats on this one. Fruit snacks and marshmallows are some of my go-to’s for my own family. 

Bring a small toy that your child likes, something that you can hand to your photographer and they can use to get your child’s attention and make them smile. Be aware that this toy may end up in some photos, so I try to pick something that isn’t huge or neon colored. 

As your kids get older talk to them about what to expect and how important this is to you! A few days before our family photos my kids and I sat down and looked at all of our printed pictures. We talked about the memories, and how much we loved the photos. Then I walked them through what to expect during family photos and described how we would print and love the new pictures. My kids are 2 and 4, do I think they totally got it… no. But I do think it helped prepare them a bit. 

Finally, decide on a bribe. This one is powerful, is it a new toy? or going out to ice cream? Whatever it is make sure your kids know there is a reward at the end. Use it shamelessly during your session!

Bring A Helper

This last one is quick, but bring a helper. Grandma, the family babysitter, or even swap with a friend. Having someone to help with your kids takes the pressure off of you so that you can have photos with your spouse as well as lots of other little groupings. These little breakouts give your kids the chance to take little breaks which also makes your session run a little smoother!

Sweet mother and daughter photo in Family Photos in Las Vegas

Family Photos Las Vegas style can be so much fun! Preparing and choosing the right photographer can take the stress out of the process. I always try to remind my sweet families to just have fun. We are here to capture your unique connections! When you let go of expectations, enjoy the time with your family and trust the process you are sure to have emotion-filled pictures you will cherish.


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