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Being a wedding photographer in the southwest has allowed me to photograph in settings as inspiring as the people getting married.  There are no words to describe Patty and Lauren’s beautiful Taos adventure elopement.  This couple decided to share their handwritten vows on a crisp December morning.  Amid the snowy ground and the incredible desert backdrop of the Taos Gorge Patty and Lauren quite literally “tied the knot”.  Taos gorge bridge was a stunning location for this romantic same sex elopement.  Its Picturesque landscape epitomizes the rugged beauty of the southwest.  

Patty and Lauren are traveling nurses, rock climbers, and all around adventure lovers.  They met and fell in love in California.  After a year together, work lead them to their next  adventure in New Mexico. As traveling nurses they are heroes precisely because they have chosen to serve on the front lines during a time of pandemic in hopes of blessing others.  Unfortunately, those efforts carry risks and they both became sick with Covid-19.  As is reflective of their hopeful approach to life, they took a negative and made it a positive as they commemorated their love for one another by becoming engaged.  They knew that getting married during a pandemic would mean their wedding would look different, so they decided to elope and celebrate with family and friends when the world calms down.  As a wedding photographer in New Mexico I have seen disappointment and even some discouragement unfold throughout the pandemic.  Everyone approaches these frustrating times and challenges differently but I cannot think of a better example of hope and vision than what I experienced with Patty and Lauren in this timeless southwest setting.  

Patty and Lauren are partners in life and the adventure that life is.  Their intimate ceremony focused on the analogy of a climbing knot.  As a rock climber myself I found this imagery powerful.  A strong and healthy marriage, just like a climbing knot, requires two sides tied tightly together.  Yet, however strong the knot there will always be two sections of rope.  This separation is important in a marriage also as it allows each person to grow individually contributing to a stronger and healthier whole.  One thing that I love about working as a wedding photographer is the way that each ceremony touches me and builds up my own marriage.  The words shared at the Taos Gorge that beautiful morning spoke to my heart.  

Patty and Lauren designed their own floral arrangement and found beautiful dresses that expressed their unique style.  The bold colors of their jackets were amplified and complimented by the desert’s inviting and encircling beauty.  As a photographer I have rarely captured such a diversity of images in such a short time.  The sound of popping champagne and the sight of colorful smoke bombs also reflected the couple’s passionate and energetic spirits in a memorable and exciting way.  

Patty and Lauren, I am so grateful that Coryn Kifner booked me to photograph your wedding.  It was an honor to be a part of your beautiful southwest elopement.  Your love and commitment to each other is inspiring.  I hope that the coming year brings joy, love, prosperity and of course . . . adventure.  

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