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Jessica and Joe’s beautiful Payson Temple Sealing was one for the books. Photographing my youngest sister’s wedding was such a special treat. Growing up Jessica and I shared a love for all things pretty and stylish. In high school, after getting my license, I remember fun shopping trips where we enjoyed looking at all the pretty little things we could find. This is something really special I have shared with Jessica, she brings out a designer side of me that is often lost in the traveler and adventurer parts of my personality. I don’t mean to make this all about me, but it was so incredibly special to help Jess plan all the pretty of her day. She is such an amazing person, with beautiful taste and that shone through in the simple but stunning details of her day.  

The evening before their sealing, Joe and Jess wanted to do a portrait session in the mountains. So we loaded up, along with my brother in law who is an amazing videographer, and enjoyed an incredible golden hour in a meadow we found in Provo Canyon. I love seeing Jess and Joe together, they have a playful but kind banter and their smiles are contagious. Joes go with the flow style is one that I adore.  

On their wedding day, we were fortunate enough for an overcast sky that calmed the summer heat. The reception even had some rain, not that it put a damper on the party. Joe’s friends have a tradition of dressing up in outrageous outfits for the dancing at the reception. If you look closely you might find a few people dressed as lampshades. I have never photographed anything like it! 

Jess and Joe, I am so excited for you both. Your marriage will be a source of strength throughout your life. It will sometimes be hard and frustrating but nothing compares to the joy that comes from making your team a little better. You two make such a great pair I am so excited to see all that your life together will become. I love you both! 

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