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As she turned the corner to walk down the aisle the smile that crossed Randy’s face was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. The couple took hands and the did not stop smiling once as the officiant regaled the crowd with the story of Taylour and Randy. Their story began at a swing dancing class Taylour instructed, they caught each other’s eye and needless to say Randy attended several more classes where he received very quality instruction from Taylour. The couple grew closer as they spent time together, Taylour was even able to convince Randy to watch reality love shows with her. ( In my 8 years with my husband this is something I still haven’t been able to accomplish!) It was a beautiful and unique ceremony that really captured Taylour and Randy as a couple and celebrated their love. We saw the couples dancing skills later in the evening as they shared a beautifully timed first dance. Taylours dress was showcased beautifully as she twirled around the floor. Their dance had the perfect combination of choreography and sweet moments and was so fun to photograph.

After dinner and cake, we slipped outside to do some beautiful golden hour photos. Taylour adventured to the top of a dam in her beautiful dress. From this high perch, we were able to capture beautiful backlighting as well as some Sandia Mountains just as the sunset. The rose bouquet and layers of the dress both glowed in the soft evening sunlight.

Randy and Taylour, I am so honored to have been a part of your wedding day. The thought and work that went into each detail of your wedding day made it such a beautiful and joyful event. You demonstrate such a high level of respect and thoughtfulness towards each other, it showed in each interaction and is something I so admire. I am excited for the adventures life will surely bring you both.

Venue Hope Church

Food Whole Hog Catering

Cake Genesis Cakes

Rental Dance floor

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